Veterinary Visits In Maine Just Got Complicated…

A Vegetarian Gammy Takes a Hike ~ Then a Permanent Detour

Like nearly every state, Maine is dealing with an opiate and heroin epidemic. In 2015, Maine experienced 272 overdose related fatalities. In January 2017 one of Maine’s media outlets, WMTW, did an outstanding feature entitled Goodnight moon, goodnight mum,’ ‘Chronicle’ investigates Maine’s heroin epidemic. Anchor David Charns did a phenomenal job detailing the pain and heartache of addiction through a series of interviews and videos including one with Oxford County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Matthew Baker Sergeant  who, moments after arriving home from work in February 2015, discovered his 23-year-old daughter Ronni near death in the upstairs bathroom. Despite CPR from her father and several doses of Narcan by paramedics, she died, leaving behind an 11 month old daughter Claire. Ronni’s daughter, now 2, lives with her grandparents and is the source behind the name of the WMTW article:

When Claire asks for her mother, she and her grandfather…

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USA tax-payers spend over $1 billion dollars annually to pick up, house, and euthanize homeless animals

If some leader would stand up and ban breeding the USA could save over a billion dollars a year. Revert animals back to the wild, they don’t belong in our homes, they were happy before we dragged them into our world
#banbreeding #bandogbreeding #bancatbreeding #governmentpaidspayneuter

A hundred years ago, an elephant named Mary was strung up by a crane and publicly hanged to death

A hundred years ago, an elephant named Mary was strung up by a crane and publicly hanged to death in a Tennessee town after she struck back at a circus employee who hit her with a sharp tool called a bullhook.

It took two attempts to kill Mary. The first chain placed around her neck snapped, sending her crashing to the ground and breaking her hip. The second attempt was successful. Her broken body was buried nearby. No melephonument exists to commemorate Mary, just this shocking image, which serves as a haunting reminder of the circus industry’s long history of killing and abuse. Mary was killed in 1916. Today, 100 years later, elephants still suffer in traveling circus shows.
Beating animals and driving them mad for tawdry human entertainment have no place in civilized society. While kind people hope such shameful acts of exploitation—like hanging Mary from a crane by her neck—have been relegated to the distant past, the uglier side of humanity still seeks to profit from animal abuse. One of those profiteers is UniverSoul Circus.