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sheep-1658211_960_720I’ve seen it so often, ‘I’m trying to go vegan but I’m not there yet’.  When I read or hear that, it tells me that the author simply doesn’t ‘get it’ …. yet.  It tells me that I need to try harder to find what it is that the author doesn’t yet know about the horrors that our non vegan consumer choices unavoidably cause, I have to find a way to reach them.

Now before that sparks off a defensive retaliation, please don’t get me wrong – I have never made a secret of the fact that it took me years, decades, to ‘get it’ so that in itself is not the issue. Until the penny finally dropped for me I had hardly even heard about veganism, except as a word without definition, or at best, a word with a whole host of preconceptions. I thought it was some weird abstemious diet for people who…

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