By Breana Noble
Probiotics, the “good” bacteria found in yogurt, are beneficial for digestion, immunity, and even mental health, but for vegans, finding sources in compliance with food preferences can be a challenge.

Veganism cuts out all meats and animal products, making it at times difficult to maintain proper nutrition. Here are a few sources to find naturally occurring probiotics that satisy vegans’ needs:

1. Live-cultured, non-dairy yogurt

While yogurt based on dairy is not an option, yogurt without animal products is becoming more readily available. Most common, according to the Global Healing Center, is coconut milk yogurt, which is healthier than soy-based yogurts, too.

2. Sauerkraut

It’s not just great with bratwurst. Sauerkraut is packed full of probiotics. One Green Planet, however, notes that pasteurization does kill off some of the good bacteria and recommends purchasing or making it unpasteurized to reap all the benefits.

3. Pickled or fermented vegetables or fruit

Greens that have been soaked with bacterial cultures contain many probiotics, the Global Healing Center reports. While pickles are most popular, Korean kimchi is another option. Included in that list, according to One Green Planet, are olives, as their briny liquid promotes the survival of healthy bacteria.

4. Kombucha Tea
This beverage ferments from black tea, containing sugar, yeast, and probiotics. The Global Healing Center notes consumers should check that the product they purchase has been tested to ensure “bad” bacteria is not present.
5. Water Kefir

Like the source of kombucha, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts makes up water kefir, which is also known as tibicos and Japanese water crystals.

6. Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread contains probiotics edible for vegans, One Green Planet reports.

7. Fermented Soy Products

Examples include Japan’s miso and the Indonesian tempeh, which, according to the Global Healing Center, can act as an alternative to the more common meat supplement, tofu.

8. Supplements

While a well-balanced diet should ensure individuals, including vegans, receive the vitamins, minerals, and probiotics they need, supplements can help provide probiotics to people who are not receiving enough


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