All expenses paid to foster Seamus this very cool cat

Seamus, a Happy and Content Cat, See His Smile?

Seamus was abandoned in the Bronx on the coldest day of winter when he was 4 years old! A kind neighbor brought him to the ACC where he was rescued, fostered & finally adopted into a wonderful home with other kitties & pups. Unfortunately Seamus’ adopter family went through some hard times & a marital crisis which means that Seamus has to be rehomed. Seamus has a beautiful golden heart pattern right on his heart!

Seamus Will Fit Right In, See How He Fits In On This Laundry?
Seamus Relaxing, This Guy is Very Good at Making Himself at Home, Just Think This Could Be Your Sofa That He is Lounging On!

He is magnificent to look at. His mellow, easy going, big guy stature comes across as intimidating to some folks, but those who know him are blessed with a mush of a cat who loves to sleep with you, loves pets and kisses unless you corner him for those pets and kisses, lol. He is 11 years old, fully vetted & healthy! Seamus needs a home with a person who is patient and understands that abandonment comes with just a little bit of baggage, such as a lion king who marches to his own drummer. If you are patient you will witness an evolving, amazing cat! Seamus gets along with most dogs & cats, but would do best in a home with just one or two submissive type cats who are ok with him being the king. Please contact Susan to foster/adopt at:

Seamus Would Be A Gift To Any Home



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