Ringling Cuts Open Retired Elephants For Research


Now the elephants at Ringling Bros are heading back to a research center disguised as a “retirement” community.  Not even going to call it a sanctuary.  They will be used now for research purposes.  We know this as vivisection.  The researchers want to figure out why elephants don’t get cancer.  Let’s see they don’t smoke, they don’t drink, they are not injected with toxic chemicals when they are born and THEY DON”T EAT ANIMALS, they eat plants. How much GRANT money will the Feld family get now?  Probably more than what they were making dragging the elephants from city to city. ~Ellen Ericksen

Read about their “retirement” CenterforElephantConservationAbuse
please sign this petition petition4elephants and then follow up by tweeting to Nicole Feld (@NicoleFeld)—executive vice president of Feld Entertainment, Ringling’s parent company—and urging her to use her position of authority to take all the animals off the road and send them to true sanctuaries.




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