Tortured, bitten and his muzzle taped shut … help needed to find culprit who did this.


Animal Protection of New Mexico

In Chimayo, New Mexico, there is a $6,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for torturing a dog found with his skull crushed, beaten and his mouth sealed shut with electrical tape, announced the Animal Protection of New Mexico on their Facebook page.

On April 3, a Chimayo resident had been exercising her dogs when she made the grisly discovery of the light brown dog. According to KoatNews, Joy Nicholson, who discovered the dog started to cry:

“There was electrical tape tied so tight around and around the dog’s mouth. It was swollen. There were bite marks around the throat. It looked like the dog had been beaten. It had several crush marks on its skull. The sight of this mutilated, tortured dead body was so horrible.”

Equally as shocked and upset at the discovery of the dog, Rio Arriba County Animal Control stated they had never seen anything like it in the past. Sadly it seems as if the trails off County Road 87 have become a burial ground for dead dogs, but this case was especially egregious. Anyone with information is asked to contact 1-877-548-6263. Please share this information and help this dog find justice.


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