Will we and others like us someday grow to be tall hardwoods? Will we reshape

the landscape of society as we know it? What if one day we had enough power to

maintain a physical presence on the globe, where we shunned the parasites and

upheld the rule of law, where the right to privacy and property was unquestioned

and enshrined in the very structure of society. Where police are our servants

and protectors beholden to their customers, the people. Where pace our leaders

earn their power and responsibility in the harsh and unforgiving furnace of the

free market and not from behind a gun, where the opportunities to create and

enjoy wealth are as boundless as one’s imagination.


Some day, we could be a shining beacon of hope for the oppressed people of the

world just as so many oppressed and violated souls have found refuge here

already. Will it happen overnight? No. Will it happen in a lifetime? I don’t

know. Is it worth fighting for until my last breath. Of course. Once you’ve seen

what’s possible, how can you do otherwise? How can you plug yourself into the

tax eating, life sucking, violent, sadistic, war mongering, oppressive machine

ever again? How can you kneel when you’ve felt the power of your own legs? Felt

them stretch and flex as you learn to walk and think as a free person? I would

rather live my life in rags now than in golden chains. And now we can have both!

Now it is profitable to throw off one’s chains, with amazing crypto technology

reducing the risk of doing so dramatically. How many niches have yet to be

filled in the world of anonymous online markets? The opportunity to prosper and

take part in a revolution of epic proportions is at our fingertips!


I have no one to share my thoughts with in physical space. Security does not

permit it, so thanks for listening. I hope my words can be an inspiration just

as I am given so much by everyone here.


Dread Pirate Roberts” [3/20/2012]


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