Jai Poretsi via facebook
11 hours ago
Who would like to create a sensible fund raiser for Yemen Zoo in Taiz…

*******Latest: (13/2/16) – Arabic Leopards: 8 males, 12 females one of them pregnant! Lions 14 males 1:2 females plus two cubs are alive………..11 lions and 6 leopards have died

This place is a mess and no Western animal organisation dare get involved due to the war. The Yemen’s are great it is not their fault they are over ridden by rebel forces. I know Four Paws are stretched with saving lions in Gaza…Born Free cannot either or many others due to not wanting to be involved with a conflict area.

However…..I have spoken with and introduced eminent professionals in Yemen who actively are trying to resolve the situation…one is an MD of Yemen Education another a wildlife conservationist with the Foundation for Endangered Leopards in Yemen and Endangered Wild Animals…they are visiting the zoo tomorrow with a vet and one will be recording an assessment of their well being and taking “photos”; plus, feeding and watering. (This is an old photo now and the male is dead….plenty others that are not).

It is a very tricky situation for them as the UN do not like to involve themselves in these situations, and there obviously is conflict and rebels at major road checkpoints.

If money is raised there are people in Yemen that you can trust to do the right thing……..they are currently utilising their own money and supplies, but this cannot continue for long. Also the leopards may be taken to Abb Zoo ….and Sanctuaries across the border (Oman..Ethiopia ..elsewhere in Africa) could take some animals that are fit enough to travel.

I will be contacting Four Paws again tomorrow to get an up-date on any funding……….plus I will contact a few further Foundations.

Can anyone who is connected with a bona fide affiliation or fundraising contact me urgently to help fund people on the ground in Yemen….or is in contact with a Sanctuary


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