source~lachelle julie
“Trembling inside each one of these plastic crates is a bewildered, bitterly cold and lonely calf whose grieving mother is hooked up to a milking machine. These calves have never known the warmth and love of their dear enslaved mothers. They desperately try to suckle on anything that resembles an udder.

Calves not only bake in hutches in the noon-day sun in California, they freeze after winter calving in Maryland. These hutches are for heifer calves on St Brigid’s Dairy in Maryland US, orphans who face the same miserable lives of deprivation and mourning as the mothers from whom they were stolen. Photos taken after a blizzard in 2010.

If you are not vegan you are participating directly in this abuse. The dairy industry IS the veal industry. It exploits the reproductive systems of mothers and engages in male infant genocide.


One thought on “If you consume (dairy) milk, cheese, butter then you are responsible for this CRUELTY

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