“Dear Non-Vegans: Did you know about “CALF INDUCTION?”Dairy farmers intentionally birth thousands of calves prematurely each year in a practice known as “inducing.” They give the cows in the dairy industry injections so that their babies will be born 8 to 12 weeks premature. As a result, many calves are born dead, while the ones born alive are killed after birth. Calf induction is done to get all cows in a herd to give birth at the same time and ”at the right time of year” simply to suit dairy farmers’ milking schedules. ARE YOU OK WITH THIS??? WILL YOU PLEASE PLEASE WAKE UP AND MAKE “LIFE” MORE SIGNIFICANT…AND NOT JUST YOUR OWN!”
Post by Sande Seidman Nosonowitz


3 thoughts on “Newborn calves killed at birth so you can drink milk

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